ABA Global Academy

(Left to Right) : ABA Global Launch in Asia ; Ironman welcomes star guard Kevin Alas for training in Los Angeles ; Los Angeles Laker and Shooting Coach Mike Penberthy trains Kevin Alas; Houston Rockets star with Kevin Alas.

The ABA Global Basketball Academy provides training for various disciplines in the sport of basketball for children ages 7 to 12 and is strictly by reservation and/or appointment only.

Held in Los Angeles and Singapore, It’s advanced training program is geared for collegiate players about to be drafted into the pro-league is focused on a scientific and strategy approach to the game.

ABA Global’s coaches are multi-disciplined and have trained NCAA and NBA players since the 1970’s. Various top players from all over the world have attended the academy and have been successfully drafted to the professional ranks in their home country.

For more information on training programs please email : academy@abaglobalgames.com